We are here to help you develop your dream PLUS help you get the funding to grow or start your Ministry, Non Profit Purpose, Personal Need, or even Small Business ideas.  Access unlimited project donations, start up or expansion funding, and more, using the only No Fee – Viral Crowd Funding Donation System, without the usual shackles of burdensome regulations and limitations.  Watch the 3 minute video below.


This is where your life’s purpose can be fulfilled, and where building and funding it can be achieved. By using technology plus untapped “viral” crowd funding and even real estate gifting), you can build your plan and revenue even faster. We show you how this is done. An empty storehouse cannot feed or serve many.

We want to make new and existing non-profits and ministries more IN-dependent. We still believe in the principal to “teach a man to fish” vs giving him a fish. We hope you share these values.


A private ministry entity is unlike any “public” entity and can offer a substantial advantages.  It is simple, effective, and private.

We can assist and help you develop your mission:

  • Non Profit Organizations – 501(c) (3) and others seeking Grants and Large Gift Funding. We do not form them, however we can help you develop a plan of action for funding and development once you do.
  • We specialize in help your organization obtain gifts of real estate and other donations, for use by your organization for multiple purposes, including selling these assets for cash and therefore funding your plan.
  • Quickly Establish a Private Ministry – Do so quickly, very simply. and more efficiently, without the initial hassles of registration and license requirements. We do not offer legal or accounting advice.  See our FAST START entity/ministry plan.  Note: this is NOT associated with Corporation Sole or similar “state registered and controlled” methods – being private and independent vs State dependent is the whole idea.
  • Individuals and Corporations who have a cause or purpose they want to develop. Learn how to successfully get your existing corporation creating abundance for others.
  • We generally support causes that help the elderly, those with disabilities, housing, Veterans, advancement of parent led education, Christian based churches, ministries, and organizations, and more.
  • To email questions please use support@yourpurposefunding.org


  • Self Help Legal System  DETAILS HERE
  • Form Your Own Private Ministry – Develop your cause to serve which your creator wants for you, with REAL privacy under your creator, and with protections that 501c3 non profits, and state “registered” and regulated corporation soles can’t provide  HERE


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